Intel increases revenue share of processor market to 84%

/ 6 years ago

Intel has reportedly extended the lead it has between itself and AMD. The revenue market share figures calculate what proportion of the total processor revenue (generated from microprocessor sales) each company had. Intel had a staggering 83.7% of all revenue generated from the sale of microprocessors. This is a large 1.2% jump from the figures achieved in the second quarter of 2011. Sadly for AMD they fell 0.3% reducing their share to 10.2%.

If you take into consideration market share not revenue share then AMD does better since Intel’s processors sell for higher prices, hence the higher revenue share. The tablet boom reportedly worked well for Intel, even though Tablets are nearly all internally ARM or Nvidia Intel benefited through the increasing need for cloud storage servers which are Intel powered in most cases.

The only downside for Intel is the Atom. Sales plummeted 32%, surely Atom cannot survive much longer?

Source: Fudzilla

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