Intel integrates VRMs on processors for further cut power consumption

/ 5 years ago

Intel’s 4th gen processor code-named “Haswell” will not only have improved performance, but also a set of integrated voltage modules which will lower power consumption. This is a whole new way of managing the power flow, considering up until now, the VRMs have been found on the on the motherboards. With this implementation, the processors will be able to fine tune the flow of power to the cores.

The integrated VRM will also ensure independent and precise control over the power consumption on each core, the GPU core, system agent and interconnection buses. The regulation will be also supposedly be able to decrease power consumption without compromising performance, even when at full load.

Further more, this technology would be useful in Broadwell chips for notebooks and even smartphones and tablets with Intel SOC. If this is done, Intel most likely will be able to stand against ARM’s processors without compromising on performance.

Source: XBit Labs 

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