Intel invests $300 million into “Ultrabooks”

/ 7 years ago

Intel has started to invest its financial stocks into companies and technologies which will give better performance per watt. The ultrabook fund announced on the Intel website will start to come into action as soon as late this year as the next line of netbooks equipped with Second generation SandyBridge units start to hit the market. Next year will see the IvyBridge which is expected to bring a modest jump in performance with a nice reduction in power consumption but the real gains are expected in 2013 when the codename “Haswell” processors get released as these are expected to offer larger performance gains and even bigger power consumption reductions.

Intel is stating that it could start producing these ultra portable netbooks for less than $1000 allowing it to compete with the ultra portable Samsung and MacBook rivals. It only costs $475 to produce an ultra portable netbook with an SSD and second generation SandyBridge CPU, so Intel will be able to competitively bring these new netbooks in at a price which gives it the edge.

Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of Intel’s PC Client Group had this to say about the new fund:

“Celebrating 30 years of innovation, the PC is the ultimate Darwinian device and Intel is striving to again reinvent mobile computing, In 2003, the combination of Intel’s Centrino technology with built-in WiFi, paired with Intel Capital’s $300 million in venture investments and other industry enabling efforts, ushered in the shift from desktop PCs to anytime, anywhere mobile computing. Our announcement today is about Intel mobilizing significant investments to achieve the next historic shift in computing.”

Intel also made a nice new video to advertise their intentions you can see that below:


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  1. gaetan says:

    that video sounds scary lolalthough i love the design of the pc itself 😀

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