Intel N2600 dual core Atom comes to market

/ 7 years ago

Intel has released yet another Atom CPU into their product range.

This one has the familiar 1.6GHz clock speed as well as a 1mb L2 Cache, and a 400MHz graphics core. It also supports up to DDR3 800, but here’s the really interesting part, it’s a dual core processor, but still manages to keep the same TDP of only 3.5W. Considering it’s a 1.6GHz dual core is pretty amazing. It also has incorporates Hyper Threading technology, therefore it has 4 threads.

The N2600 also has a big brother the N2800, which supports up to DDR3 1066 and has a graphics core of 640MHz.

Intel has these new atom cores scheduled for release late this year, in Q4. This should help increase the sales of Atom netbooks dramatically.

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One Response to “Intel N2600 dual core Atom comes to market”
  1. Mpeck says:

    Will be interesting to see how they compare with Fusion APUs 🙂

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