Intel Partners With China’s Largest Search Engine, Baidu

/ 5 years ago

Intel has signed up with China’s Baidu to make mobile apps. The company however that having a joint lab is a part of the agreement that both the companies have signed on Thursday.

Intel is focussing on developing many software catering to the Chinese users in the country. Intel will be able to sell their products as they’re getting a backing from the Chinese developers, whereas Baidu in return will be getting access to Intel- Powered hardware and devices- PCs, Tablets, Smartphones. Together they will be testing and porting software for Baidu and Intel powered devices.

Intel didn’t reveal how much amount was spent for the new lab, but both the company intend to limit the partnership agreement only to software and hardware integration, and not smartphone development. Intel will also be making newer software tool for the Chinese developers. Baidu intends to have mobile apps around its search engine and also have mapping technology, followed by products with voice-command feature and facial recognition. In 2011, the Chinese Search Giant made their own Android based mobile OS called Baidu Cloud which comes with many pre-loaded Baidu apps and services. However, the adoption of this OS is not yet widespread in the count and so far it comes pre-installed only on six smartphones so far.

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Intel’s presence in the smartphone business in China has started growing ever since they’ve started delivering chips for the nation’s market. Chinese based company, Lenovo unveiled their K900 smartphone which uses Intel’s “Clovertrail+” processors, followed by ZTE called ZTE Geek.

Intel’s general manager for developer relations said,”If you are a developer, you will now have more choices of platform and more opportunities in business.”

Source: Info World

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