Intel Paying Out After Alleged Benchmark Manipulation 15 Years Ago

/ 3 years ago


15 Years ago the Intel Vs AMD war was at tipping point. Both companies were a lot more competitive with each other than they are today, with AMD giving Intel a fair few blows in performance benchmarks. Unfortunately, Intel allegedly “manipulated” some of its Pentium 4 benchmark scores in the early 2000s to make them look more competitive against AMDs hardware. Intel still denies those claims, but a new class action lawsuit says otherwise.

Intel may now have to pay you a whopping $15, representing a dollar a year since the event, compensation for having your Intel Pentium 4 hardware sold to you based on potential lies. Anyone who purchased a PC in the US between November 20th 2000 and June 30th 2002 are eligible. You don’t need to file a claim with a receipt, but if you’re due a cheque, I wouldn’t hold your breath as proceedings could still take a few months to process. Intel will also be donating $4,000,000 to education non-profits.

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Eager to get your $15? File your claim here.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

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  • Wayne

    Why only the Yanks? Were P4’s only ever sold in the USA? If they were then it’s news to me and my P4 must’ve been a rebranded AMD Athlon that even managed to fool programs like CPU-Z into thinking it was Intel… Look for another line of work David Copperfield, your tricks pale in comparison to Intels.

    • Jarvis

      If the suit was filed in the USA, you can bet that international interests won’t be considered. It sucks but international customers always get the run.

      • Wayne

        15 bucks is not worth the trouble, had it been $150 or more there would’ve been one heck of an outcry.