Intel Powered Drone Swarm Dances Like Stars In The Sky

/ 2 years ago

Intel Powered Drone Swarm Dances Like Stars In The Sky

People love drones, from their ability to deliver a pint at your local bar to the general delivery drones that Amazon are looking at giving you quick and easy delivery around the world. As a result, the legal issue of who and where people can use drones has risen and now it would appear the FAA are looking on making it easier for everyday users to enjoy their drones with the first approved drone swarm showing us just what they can do.

The drone swarm was operated by Intel and was used in celebration of the news from the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta, that the agency was looking to cut away some of the restrictive regulations that often result in commercial drones never leaving the ground.

What better way to start off this gesture than top partner with a big tech firm and support the first approved drone swarm in a spectacular display.

The new proposals could see students and universities exempt from the traditional paperwork in favor of their research, with the general population getting the relaxed rules later this year.

With each drone requiring a license, Intel is the first company to receive the support for a drone swarm and with 100 drones dancing over the desert in Palm Springs, they certainly made a great use for the license.

With Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich heading up the new Drone Advisory Council, a group of industry members who will look at policy and decisions made regarding drones with the FAA, it could be sooner rather than later that people get to enjoy drones without the miles of paperwork required for everyday use.

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One Response to “Intel Powered Drone Swarm Dances Like Stars In The Sky”
  1. Nyall Davis says:

    The fact that everyone has to officialy register these toys is a joke….
    It’s litteraly easier to take a gun to the cinema than be a 15yr old intrested in robotics and flight…

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