Intel to Release 10nm CPUs in 2017

/ 2 years ago


In the ever “shrinking” world of processors, Intel’s GM of its Middle East and North African region, Taha Khalifa, has stated that Intel is expecting the launch of these new processors to come in early 2017.

Khalifa had this to say: “We have been consistently pursuing Moore’s Law and this has been the core of our innovation for the last 40 years. The 10nm chips are expected to be launched early 2017”.

For those looking for an upgrade sooner, expect Intel to debut the new 14nm Skylake processors later this year. While there had been murmurings of the 14nm processors being launched in 2013, various technical setbacks with the architecture used in Broadwell delayed it till 2014. This delay affected many of Intel’s forthcoming processors, including the 10nm Skylake family. Coming first under the 10nm umbrella will be tablet and mobile processors, followed by the desktop family later in 2017.

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  • Ryan Airth

    How small can the die become until it’s physically impossible for it to remain functional?
    Other than that, I wonder if I can continue for 2 years without a major need to upgrade, my current CPU is the i7 960, a tad bit old now lol.

    • mr2k9

      your i7 still good enough i think unlike my i3-530…

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