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Intel To Release Updated Version Of USB AI


Intel To Release Updated Version Of USB AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps one of the biggest research areas in technology at the moment. With its vast use in the world today, all companies are attempting to create or improve on their developments to push it even further.

Some of these products, however, tend to slip under the radar. Largely because it’s either too benign to notice or that it’s a rather niche development. I only say this as I’m sure many people were not aware that last year Intel released a USB stick which contained an AI program. This was effectively a means of people being to create or expand on their own developments by teaching the AI what it needed to do.

In a report via CNET though, Intel is set to release a brand new updated version within the next few months.

How Does It Work?

Intel’s Movidius Myriad X AI chip is applied directly to a USB stick. When inserted into your system, it can monitor whatever parameters you require of it. Most importantly, however, is that it runs practically autonomously. This means that your CPU limitations and any parameters which could affect it do not come into play. The chip itself, as well, significantly improves the performance of an AI. This is, however, of course, based on the quality of the creators coding. You can put a Ferrari engine in a Fiat Panda, but that doesn’t mean it’ll run well!

With a price of just $99.99 as well, this will clearly be a tempting little piece of kit for those who like getting involved in complex program designs.

What do you think? Interested in the USB AI stick? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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