Intel Revises NUC Cooling To Fix Design Flaw

/ 4 years ago


Intel has issued a Product Change Notification (PCN) for its Next Unit of Computing (NUC) according to FanlessTech. PCN 112432-00 is designed to improve the reliability of the system under heavy wireless network load. The flaw in the Intel NUC design caused the wireless mPCIe WLAN card to overheat causing the neighbouring mSATA SSD to malfunction and sometimes even shut down.

The flaw was brought to light by a TechReport review and in Intel’s latest PCN it introduces a 9.5mm thick flexible thermal pad on the top panel to draw heat away from the SSD and conduct that heat to the Intel NUC’s outer metal casing. This allows the case to draw the heat away and dissipate it while keeping the SSD cool enough to run without malfunctions.

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The decision to choose a “passive solution” to a heat problem allows the Intel NUC to remain competitive in terms of acoustics. No doubt Intel will offer support to business, corporate and retail partners who are experiencing difficulties with this design flaw on older models. All new Intel NUC’s will ship with the new thermal pad.

Image courtesy of FanlessTech

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  • Ryan Swedine

    What about us normal folks that have one… will they offer a fix for us as well?

    • if you are having problems and you contact your seller then you might be offered one.

      • Ryan Swedine

        I might have to… my wifi goes in and out all the time only 20ft from my router… damn

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