Leaked Intel roadmap shows Haswell will be the last of the LGA Socket Type Processor

/ 5 years ago

According to Japanese based website PC Watch and the leaked roadmap, Haswell might be the last Processor with LGA sockets. According to the roadmap, Dual/Quad Core Broadwell processors with 47-57W TDP will be BGA based- a term used where the it soldered directly the the board’s contact point for the processor.

Unfortunately this may lead not only to reduce the ability to choose and put your favourite Intel based CPU-Motherboard combo together, but one could speculate that this may significantly force most of the motherboard manufacturer down the top Tier-Level manufacturers. Embedding such processor may and/or will reduce certain “spark” or charm in the enthusiast and system builder community.

Intel Leaked 2013 Roadmap

Another possible blow is that Broadwell- which is set to be released for 2013 according to the road map and the article- is more of a “miniaturized” version of Haswell specifically focusing on tablet. If this is true, a possibility can be speculated that most of the hardware enthusiasts that thrives all thanks to the existing Intel platform will be reduced. If this is true, the release of Haswell will be a sign of “end of the world” (is this what the Mayans predicted???) not just for assemblers, enthusiasts and even fans not just for Top Tier level manufacturers, but probably also lower level and maybe under-rated manufacturers, shutting their business. However, this wouldn’t affect the OEM and pre-built system market- atleast the well established ones.

The only way which may (or may not) reduce the pain only if AMD does something from their front. Mind you, they really need to catch up. When was the last time when AMD processors seriously made a dent over Intel’s reputation as a processor manufacturer? The good old socket 939 days that most of us grew up through those times? Hopefully the speculation remains as speculation- and hopefully AMD doesn’t follow suit.

Source: PC Watch


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  1. Krusher33 says:

    Ugh… I hope this is all BS.

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