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Intel Rocket Lake-S and Alder Lake-S CPU Images Leak!

Following the increasing growth that AMD has seen in the desktop PC market since the launch of Ryzen back in 2017, while it may have taken Intel over three years to effectively respond, it seems that 2021 is shaping up to be the year in which they, finally, start legitimately fighting back. Well, that is the theory at least.

So, with at least one new CPU range release expected next year, following a report via Videocardz, we have leaked images of not only their 11th-gen Rocket Lake-S CPU but also seemingly their 12th-gen Alder Lake-S processor.

An unknown Rocket Lake-S CPU

Intel Rocket Lake-S

The Rocket Lake-S platform remains, somewhat frustrating for those who have been sticking with Intel, on the 14nm node platform. On the plus side, however, with it transitioning itself to their new ‘Cypress Cove’ architecture, we are, thankfully, getting out of the realms of their 14nm++++ territory. Albeit, we will not be quite there until the launch of Alder Lake-S.

Intel’s Rocket Lake-S processors are expected to be launched in Q1 2021.

An unknown Alder Lake-S CPU

Intel Alder Lake-S

For Intel, and consumers in general, Alder Lake-S is looking to represent something far more revolutionary in terms of processor designs. With the chipset reportedly dividing itself between 8 big and 8 small cores, that prioritize themselves depending on the task, as you can see in the picture above this has resulted in not only a bit of an unusual looking design, but also the guaranteed fact that, unlike Rocket Lake-S which is still expected to support LGA-1200, Intel will again be rolling out a new motherboard socket platform.

With Alder Lake-S expected to release in the latter part of 2021, however, will these be enough to stop or at least slow down the AMD Ryzen freight train? – The short answer is, we don’t know. It’s going to be fun finding out though!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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