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Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU is Already Being Overclocked to 6.9GHz

Officially speaking, Intel’s Rocket Lake-S processors do not exist yet. With CES 2021 set to kick off in literally just a couple of days time, however, we don’t have long to go before we get to check out Intel’s new CPU platform and, perhaps most importantly, exactly how well it’s going to stack up against AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series.

Following a Twitter post by user ‘VWorld‘, however, images and a brief video have appeared online seemingly showing a yet unknown Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU already achieving a clock speed of a whoppingly huge 6.9GHz.

Intel Rocket Lake-S

In terms of the video, there are more than a few mysteries surrounding this, and they’re not just restricted to exactly which Rocket Lake-S processor is being used here. For example, no one knows exactly who is testing/overclocking this nor who initially recorded and published the video footage online. Given that it also features a Gigabyte Z590 motherboard, however, it seems pretty clear that whoever is doing this does have at least more than a few solid contacts within the tech industry.

What Do We Think?

Achieving a 6.9GHz clock speed is clearly more than a little impressive. Even if it did require the use of some LN2 (liquid nitrogen) cooling. Given that such a hefty achievement has already been made even prior to the processor’s launch, however, the clear hope is that with this already being achieved, Rocket Lake-S could well prove to offer a huge potential to those who like to dabble in the realms of overclocking (extreme or otherwise).

With them set to be officially revealed within the next few days, however, rest assured we’re ready to bring you the latest news direct from the virtual CES 2021 showroom floor. So be sure to keep checking our website and social media platforms!

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