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Intel Rumoured To Shortly Host Graphics Card Press Conference

Intel Rumoured To Shortly Host Graphics Card Press Conference

It has been a very long time now since Intel truly threw itself into the graphics card market. Sure, they produce APU style graphics adaptors. Ones that are seen as standard video display options on many systems. In terms of a full-blown, stand-alone, graphics card? Amazingly, it’s been around 20 years!

It has been known for some time that Intel was looking at getting back in the GPU market with a release planned for some point in 2020. Well, in a report via Videocardz, it is rumoured that they plan to hold a press conference at some point in December to give some further details. Yes, December as in next month!

What Can We Expect?

The exact details of the press conference are not known. It is, however, believed that various ‘high-members’ of Intel’s staff will be in attendance for either an update or an announcement of some kind. Before you get too excited, we doubt that this is going to be the straight-up unveiling of a new graphics card set to unexpectedly land in 2019. We can though likely expect something of an update on the progress.

When Is It?

We don’t, at this point, even know when Intel plans to hold the conference. With a lot of growing interest in seeing a third (and certainly major) player soon to enter the GPU market though, many are going to be paying close attention to this. Could Intel truly compete with AMD or Nvidia? Only time will well!

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Mike Sanders

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