Intel Skylake-S Samples Shipping to Partners

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It has been a couple of months since we heard the last rumours about the second-generation 14nm manufacturing process from Intel in the form of Skylake. Now we’ve been presented with something that seems more real than just rumours, the first actual photograph of a sample sent out to motherboard manufacturers.

Skylake-S will be using an LGA 1151 socket and be paired with the Z170, H170, B150, Q150 and Q170 chipsets. The first two samples sent out are non-overclock version with 2.3GHz base and a boost to 2.9GHz on the first where the second sample has 2.2GHz base speed and a 2.4GHz boost. The first mentioned has integrated GT2 graphics while the second one doesn’t have Intel HD graphics on the chip.

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The information at hand now suggests that the Skylake will support both DDR3 and DDR4 memory. It however looks like these two samples are using DDR4 ECC memory and hence suggesting that these are workstation processors. The TDP is 95W on the faster of the two and 80W on the smaller one without iGPU. Intel will officially be releasing the Greenlow platform in 2015, and the Skylake-S Z170 chips are part of this.

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One Response to “Intel Skylake-S Samples Shipping to Partners”
  1. Greg Hatt says:

    Will there be no high end cpu’s of this architecture? I have yet to see anything about unlocked overclockable cpu’s even over at ARM there isnt any mention of it

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