Intel sticking with socket CPUs for “the foreseeable future”

/ 5 years ago

Last week, the rumour about Haswell being the last LGA type processors traveled faster than the speed of light. The report that was first reported by PC Watch mentioned that Intel would only be offering 14 nm based Broadwell processor which would be soldered on the board itself. That story, many didn’t believe and didn’t want to believe and some may have hated Intel for making such a decision.

The rumour started to be a familiar news report from multiple news and tech sites reporting it. AMD decided to assure their end users by saying that they are committed to being loyal to DIY Hardware Enthusiasts. Intel on the other hand hadn’t responded until now.

Intel told Maximum PC that they will remain committed to the desktop enthusiast market as well and will continue to offer socket parts in the LGA package for the “foreseeable future”.

It doesn’t sound assuring when the words “foreseeable future” comes with it. Most likely Intel may be finding the right time to make the decision. Still it’s a move that should be avoided as much as possible and it’s something that a lot of people will agree with, especially the motherboard manufacturers. Lower Tier manufacturers will most likely get affected, but for now, Intel is backing the DIY community.


3 Responses to “Intel sticking with socket CPUs for “the foreseeable future””
  1. Well if in “the foreseeable future” they decide to do that i hope they arent surprised when people switch to AMD and Intel sales drop, They may as well take a big s*** on their own doorstep if they do that as it wont increase sales it will have the opposite effect and they will learn from their wrong doing hopefully

    • ET3D says:

      The foreseeable future is probably defined as “we’ll drop it when the desktop market becomes small enough that the dent in income won’t be significant”. Possibly they will also only remove socket CPU’s at the low end. AMD is already doing that with Brazos.

    • Nickel Dare says:

      Well.. I think many don’t realy care as long as the power they get out of the chip is enough.

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