Intel teases NUC, Next Unit Computing – redefines what a small PC can be

/ 5 years ago

Intel are definitely trying to redefine what a small PC is capable of, with what they’re calling “Next Unit of Computing”, or NUC. NUC is a super, super small form factor platform that Intel is currently working on.

NUC sports an integrated Core i3 processor built on a 7-series chipset. Intel has said that NUC will feature all ranges of Intel’s family of processors, from the Atom to the Core i7, but the first design will concentrate on the Core i3 for now. NUC is built onto a 4″x4″ motherboard, with the aforementioned integrated Core i3 processor and PCH.

Intel is working with a chassis maker to get enclosures for the motherboard, but Intel will not be selling full systems.  NUC will be sold onto partners sporting barebones configurations, leaving the OEMs to throw in memory, storage, and other components. The current NUC sports an Intel Core i3 processor, 7-series PCH, dual-SO DIMM slots, and two mini-PCIe slots.

Output-wise, we’re glad to see dual HDMI outputs, three USB ports (two on the back, one on the front), Ethernet connectivity, and a power port. Intel have teased that there will be another version of this unit that would ditch one of the HDMI ports and replace it with a Thunderbolt connector.

Intel has a goal in mind of getting partners to sell these full systems in the $399 range.


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