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Intel To Address 77 Security Issues This Month Via Updates

Security updates are part and parcel of any involvement with technological products these days. Well, at least those that have some association with the online world. As such, it should hardly be any surprise to hear that a company such as Intel would always be looking to both identify and plug any security holes discovered in their products.

In a report via DSOGaming, however, it seems that November is shaping up to be a pretty busy month for them as they plan to address 77 unique security issues before December arrives.

Intel to Plug 77 Security Vulnerabilities Before December

Intel, as you might expect, hasn’t given any specific details as to the nature of the vulnerabilities. Nor even what technology they specifically involve which, despite the simplicity of how it sounds, may not necessarily be solely restricted to processors. They have, however, make it clear that of the 77 they plan to fix, 67 were identified in-house.

Speaking of this, Intel has said:

“We believe that assigning CVE ID’s and publicly documenting internally found vulnerabilities helps our customers to accurately assess risk, prioritize, and deploy updates. By the time you are reading this blog post, mitigations for many of these issues will have already been propagated throughout the ecosystem through the IPU process. At the same time, the external researchers who reported the remaining issues to us have all been good partners in working with us on coordinated vulnerability disclosure (CVD).”

For more specific details on the update, you can check the (rather dry) Intel blog post via the link here!

How Can I Get These Updates?

The chances are that the vast majority of the security fixes will be provided via standard operating system updates. As such, we humble consumers likely don’t have to do anything. Well, at least not beyond the general good housekeeping of regularly checking and applying security updates.

Yes, it might be a little disturbing to know that so many vulnerabilities exist. At least Intel has the fixes ready to go this month, though!

What do you think? Do you regularly check for security updates? If not, when was the last time you did look? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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