Intel to make Ivy Bridge more efficient for for MacBook Air and Windows 8 Ultrabooks

/ 5 years ago

Intel is making plans for making a significant power consumption cut their future versions of their Ivy Bridge processors, most likely making it efficient enough even to be used in most tablets.

As of now, Microsoft’s Surface pro tablet, used in many Windows Ultrabooks and macbook air features an Ivy Bridge i5 chip are rated at 17 watts.

As expected, lower the wattage, lower the battery life and also this helps in keeping a possibility to have a thinner design. As of now, Tablets with ARM processors can be as thin as 0.3 inches. Although mainstream x86 processors aren’t as efficient as ARM processors, they are significantly more power in performance. That’s one of the reasons Microsoft most likely chose to release surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro.

Source: CNET

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