Intel to make up for Ivy Bridge mobile dual core delay with cheaper prices

/ 6 years ago

Ivy Bridge mobile dual cores are going to be delayed, the rumour has been all but confirmed by the entire tech community. The reason being is excess amounts of Sandy Bridge mobile dual cores which Intel have already substantially reduced prices on in an effort to clear stock. Only a few models will face delays from the Ivy Bridge mobile range, mainly the low and medium performance dual cores will face delays until June whilst the high performance dual cores will probably get shipped straight away.

To make up for the delay, Intel will might lower prices of its Ivy Bridge chips by as much as $70 a piece. The lower prices would ease transition between the two generations of processors without causing a price-shock to ODMs, when they then have to transfer to the end-users. Intel already attractive pricing for its Sandy Bridge CPUs to help clear inventories. The result of all this would be Ivy Bridge-powered notebooks being not much more expensive than current-generation Sandy Bridge-powered ones, on launch.

Source: Electronista, TPU

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