Intel to scrap stock heat sinks with LGA 2011 processors

/ 7 years ago

Amidst news that AMD would be equipping FX 8 core processors with water cooling units Intel has made it clear they intend to scrap the stock Intel heat sink with the LGA 2011 processors and then make them available separately for those consumers that actually want to buy them. The three i7 processors which will not have them equipped will be the i7-3820 , 3930K and 3960X as Intel has recognised the market segment they are targetting is likely to buy third party cooling solutions.

Enthusiasts can expect the new LGA 2011 processors to reach a TDP of 130W although some engineering samples have recorded a TDP of 180W without overclocking. Therefore, those who want to overclock or maintain low temperatures will probably opt for third party cooling solutions. However, for those who intend to stick to stock clock speeds and want the Intel certification for warranty purposes Intel will make the certified stock coolers available to its partners for consumer purchase. It is expected all the cooling solutions for LGA 2011 will be ready a few days prior to the launch of the processors themselves.

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One Response to “Intel to scrap stock heat sinks with LGA 2011 processors”
  1. gaetan says:

    good thinking from intel, I don't like their crappy heatsinks lol

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