Intel unlikely to make chips for Apple anytime soon

/ 5 years ago

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Apple would have loved it if Intel will be making processors for their iPhone and iPads, however analysts are saying that it would take at-least couple of years for that to happen, which may make Apple stick with Samsung for a while longer than one would expect.

Keeping aside the courtroom issues where Samsung and Apple seemed happy to beat each other, Samsung was able to consistently meet with Apple’s requirements.

There was also talks before that Apple maybe considering to sign up with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company (TSMC), the largest chip manufacturer in the world on a contract-basis. Intel would face a tough time to secure a deal with Apple, Inc. over the Taiwan based chip manufacturing giant.

A chip industry source who has been keeping a track on TSMC’s plans said,”It’s happening. Apple is designing products now based on the TSMC 20-nanometer spec. Production should happen in 2014.”

The source also said that Apple will stick to using Samsung’s 28 and 32 nm and then begin to make a move towards TSMC for 20 nm fab. However usually for a manufacturer to switch from one processor manufacturer to another takes time, and that the switch-over with TSMC isn’t going to happen until 2014, because of this Intel would be taking even longer to wait their turn. But Linley Swennap, a principal analyst for The Linley Group told CNET via email,’I laugh when I see statements like ‘Intel has to decide whether it should supply to Apple. That’s like saying, ‘I need to decide whether I should date Kate Upton.”

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Gwennap also doubts to see if Intel can be ready for supplying processors to Apple who wouldn’t be able to make a quick decision.

But Nathan Brookwood of Insight 64 also says that Intel would not be ready anytime soon, but did also say that Apple, Inc. will need Intel for future 14nm manufacturing processor should they plan to have an edge over other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Why would Swennap wanna date Kate Upton? She’ll only end up costing him a bagful of money. I can think of a lot of far more economical choices with probably better bang for the buck. (No pun intended)

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