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Intel’s 10-core Comet Lake-S CPUs are Said to Draw Over 300W

While Intel has been more than a little busy at CES 2020, there (sadly) hasn’t been much news surrounding their upcoming Comet Lake-S range of processors. In fact, the closest we came was the confirmation of the Comet Lake-H. A processor that is set to feature in Intel-based laptop designs in the coming months.

In a report via ComputerBase, however, it seems that Comet Lake-S may have been pushed back. Namely, due to a problem with power consumption. Well, more specifically, Intel’s not being happy about how much it needs!

Intel’s Comet Lake-S Processor Is Drawing Over 300 Watts!

In the report, it is suggested that many manufacturing partners already have their Z490 motherboards ready for the new Intel processors. The problem, however, seems to lie in the fact that the 10-core model may be drawing (or requiring) a lot more power than Intel would like.

“Several motherboard manufacturers revealed that the 10-core breaks the 300-watt mark at maximum load. Not surprisingly, the 9900KS already exceeded the 250-watt mark in scenarios of this kind. This information has nothing in common with the TDP, which is rumored to be 125 watts. Up to 4.9 GHz Turbo clock for all 20 threads on the flagship makes this value increase significantly in everyday life depending on the load.”

What Do We Think

Based on the fact that a lot of the Intel Comet Lake-S processors will have a boost clock speed of over 5GHz, the news isn’t entirely surprising. I mean, even the i9 9900KS (which they mentioned above) boosts at pretty much exactly 5GHz.

The feeling is, however, that Intel isn’t entirely comfortable with a processor that could require over 300 watts of power at peak points. Many would argue that this is simply symptomatic of, yet another, 14nm(insert many + marks here) refresh.

Could this push the launch of Comet Lake-S back though? Well, with no news of them at CES 2020, it does bear some consideration. We’ll keep you posted!

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Mike Sanders

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