Intel’s 14 nm “Broadwell” Expected To Launch Late 2014

/ 4 years ago


With the Haswell Refresh CPU’s now available to purchase, the industry is already looking ahead at what Intel are cooking up next. The first processors based around their “Broadwell” silicon is set to be the next batch of hardware, offering an incremental upgrade over “Haswell”, but with a new 14 nanometer fabrication process.

The new “Broadwell” range is rumoured to launch by late 2014. Since this hardware has already missed its deadline, suspect to be the reason we have the Haswell Refresh lineup with support for 9 series chipsets, something that should have seen the launch of the new architecture alongside it. Broadwell should have been Intel’s big mid-2014 launch, at least going by their “tick-tock” product strategy, but if things progress as they are, late 2014 is when you’ll finally get your hands on some new hardware.

The interesting thing is, with 9 series chipsets and innovations such as M.2 storage already supported via the new Haswell hardware, what innovations will Intel offer us with Broadwell?

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