Intel’s 22nm Atom Competitive To ARM Counterparts

/ 5 years ago

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Intel has been investing serious amounts of money into developing its Atom processors for the mobile market for quite some time now. Intel’s ValleyView based Atom processors, based on the Bay Trail platform, will feature the latest and greatest in Intel manufacturing technology, that is 22nm processing.

According to Industry Sources, probably from within Intel, the new Intel Atom quad core processors based on the ValleyView design will be competitive with their ARM tablet counterparts currently on the market. The 22nm Intel Silvermont cores feature much faster execution rates, higher clock speeds, better memory bandwidth, dramatically improved graphics and lowered power consumption.

Intel is expecting its quad core ValleyView Atoms to provide solid competition against ARM in the tablet, netbook and nettop markets. While Intel is also looking to gain within the server space by producing 8 core variants of their ValleyView processor for high performance low power variants that can compete with ARM based servers.

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Intel is looking to prove everyone wrong as the general word in the market is still that ARM is more cost-effective and better performing than equivalent Intel Atom SoCs. Intel will be hoping to claw back some ground to its strong ARM competitors such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Nvidia’s Tegra 4. Currently you will be hard-pressed to find Intel’s Atom processors in many smartphones or tablets but Intel is looking for that to change with ValleyView.

What are your thoughts on ValleyView? Would you buy an Intel powered tablet or smartphone?


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One Response to “Intel’s 22nm Atom Competitive To ARM Counterparts”
  1. Damn straight I would buy it, i trust intel, I’m more of an AMD fanboy, but I own Intels for the last 5 years… and the forseable future. Altough, I’d still prefer an ARM phone, but I’d like to see an Intel-powered android tablet, with at least 3gb RAM, and a killer battery life (since they brag about the superior battery life, perhaps they could couple it with a biger-than-average battery for some killer ON-time). I own an ASUS transformer prime, a horrible device. Maybe they could make the next-gen ASUS transformer with Valley Wiew

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