Intel’s Core i7 5960X Gets Priced At Retailer – Eyewateringly Expensive

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We always knew Haswell-E wasn’t going to be cheap. If Intel’s six core i7 4960X was priced at $1000 on launch, then how much more would an eight core i7 5960X cost? According to the latest retail pricing that’s showed up at a Polish retailer it will actually be about the same – which has surprised me a lot. We can expect a price of €955.22, or 3996 Polish Zloty. At the same site we also saw the Core i7 4960X for 3957 Polish Zloty, which is €945, so the pricing of the Core i7 5960X looks to be virtually identical to its predecessor.

For those who want pricing in other currencies you have to consider that Poland has a VAT rate of 23%, pretty much identical to the UK’s 20% VAT rate. Therefore UK pricing should be around £760 (which is identical to what the Core i7 4960X currently sells for), while American pricing should be around $1000 when you adjust for VAT – most American states don’t pay sales tax. If you’re in an American state that does pay sales tax then expect to pay $1100-1200. There’s also going to be some variation based on reseller, distributor and retailer overheads but the general message is: expect pricing to be similar to the Core i7 4960X – $1000 MSRP.

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Source: Softpedia

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