Intel’s Desktop Haswell Gets Updated Processor Pricing

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Intel’s Haswell is coming closer every day as the run-up and preparations to Computex 2013 begin. Intel’s fourth generation of Core processors will be unveiled in early June and we’ve already seen a performance preview courtesy of Tom’s Hardware’s controversial pre-NDA review.

The pricing of the new Haswell Core processors are strange in that for the first time the price is actually going upwards. Previously, between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge we saw an MSRP decline. However, that has not been the case this time as Haswell has gone up quite substantially.

If we follow the pricing evolution of the unlocked i5 and i7 processor models you can see just what I mean. On launch the 2500K was priced at $216, the 3570K was priced at $212 and the 4670K is priced at $227. The 2600K launched at $317, the 3770K at $313 and the 4770K will cost $327.


The problem seems to be that even though Haswell is a lot more expensive than previous generation processors, old Intel processors do not seem to be dropping their value to give consumers cheaper options.In the GPU market for example, when AMD or Nvidia release a new graphics card series it dramatically forces the price of the previous generation down. However, A lack of competition from the AMD camp means a Sandy Bridge processor costs more today than it did on release and the same applies for Ivy Bridge. With Haswell we expect a similar thing to happen, it is priced high on launch and its value will still hold because it is better than the already expensive Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.

What are your thoughts the pricing for Haswell?


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One Response to “Intel’s Desktop Haswell Gets Updated Processor Pricing”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Ah, they are gradually increasing the prices from generation to generation. :-/

    I won’t be upgrading anyway. I’m still happy with my SB chips.

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