Intel’s Dual Core Haswell Core i5 4570T Gets Benchmarked

/ 4 years ago

Intel’s Haswell has been out for a while now but there hasn’t been any sign of any sub Core i5 desktop Haswell processors yet. That said these Core i3 units still have a while to go but we can get some kind of estimation of their performance level as benchmarks of a dual core hyper threaded Core i5 4570T have been revealed. With two cores it mirrors what we will probably expect to see from a Haswell Core i3 as most of these are dual core hyper-threaded parts. You can see the specifications of the Core i5 4570T below in the graph. The T moniker denotes the energy efficiency of the unit and this is reflected by the 35W TDP.


In terms of performance it is impressive and performs better than a lot of AMD counterparts with much higher clock speeds and power consumptions. It also delivers performance close to that of Sandy Bridge “K” favourites like the 2500K and 2600K processors. In Battlefield 3 it did particularly well.

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In The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim it did equally well showing that less cores doesn’t equal less performance. It dispatched of AMD’s FX-8350 8 core processor and blew away the best Ivy Bridge Core i3 dual core part from the last generation,  the i3 3220, which runs at 3.3GHz with 2 cores and four threads while this runs at 2.9GHz with the same physical core/thread count.


Though it does consume a fair bit more power than the Ivy Bridge dual core part though the performance is still very impressive for the tight 35W TDP envelope. We can see that the Haswell architecture clearly scales very well at lower clock speeds.Intel_haswell_4570T_power

If you are interested in seeing more graphs from the dual core Haswell Core i5 4570T review then be sure to check out the source article here – PC Games Hardware (de)

Images courtesy of PC Games Hardware (de)


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