Intel’s Oak Trail successor “Bay Trail” pushed back to late 2013

/ 6 years ago

Intel’s Bay Trail platform and ValleyView based SoC processors, designed to help Intel launch a full out assault on the Smartphone market, probably won’t make it to market until late 2013 or early 2014 according to sources. With late 2013 being quite distant it means we are stuck with Oak Trail based Medfield processors until then.

Bay Trail promises LPDDR3 support with quad core processors based off the 22nm process. With the expected delivery date to market inside Smartphones and tablets of early 2014, Intel’s competitors (Qualcomm, Texas Instruments etc) will need to make sure they have a competing solution ready.

Intel’s constant delays for the Bay Trail platform and ValleyView SoCs have seen it pushed back nearly a year. Meaning that 22nm on the Smartphone will arrive nearly 2 years after 22nm on the desktop. Given the financial might of Intel we hope that this delay is the last delay because they have billions of dollars at their disposal to make sure they get this launch right, we doubt Medfield is bringing home the bacon for them.

ValleyView’s main competitors will be will be custom 64-bit ARM architectures such as Project Denver from NVIDIA and Qualcomm, as well as 64-bit ARM processing cores from HiSilicon, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Marvell and countless others. AMD will also hope to have their Hybrid x86, ARM and GPU SoCs ready too. Hopefully the Smartphone market is about to get much more interesting.


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