Intel’s Top Z87 Haswell Motherboard Pictured

/ 5 years ago


With Intel looking to make an exit from the desktop motherboard market in the next year or so, this Intel DZ87KL-75K Haswell motherboard could be the last desktop motherboard we ever see from them. The DZ87KL-75K from Intel is based on the upcoming Haswell LGA 1150 platform and its highest chipset the Z87. Intel motherboards are typically manufactured by Foxconn and are very much “off-the-radar” as Intel’s partners ASUS, ASRock Gigabyte, MSI and so on, tend to dominate the motherboard market with their motherboards and very aggressive marketing campaigns.

In the past Intel motherboard had been criticised for low quality components, poor BIOS options and a vulnerability to burning transistors when pushed too far beyond the normal operating limits. Of course, those days are long gone as Intel have really upped their game with higher quality components and a tendency to have the latest BIOS updates available well before any other motherboard vendors. Design has been a relatively consistent theme though, with most motherboards featuring the Intel Skull (just like this one) although there were exceptions like the Bad Axe (975X) and the D5400XS (dual Xeon) motherboards.

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Back to this motherboard then, the DZ87KL-75K, and we think its likely these will have limited availability. Like we have seen in the past they will probably get given to the media mainly for use with reviewing new Intel CPUs and their availability in the retail channel will be limited depending on where you are in the world. You can see the specifications of the DZ87KL-75K below.


What are your thoughts on this new motherboard from Intel? Does it look up-to-scratch with other motherboard vendors? Will pricing be important? What price are you anticipating for this Intel motherboard?


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3 Responses to “Intel’s Top Z87 Haswell Motherboard Pictured”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Still, Intel’s own crappy boards?
    Looks good for now as we , the normal people haven’t seen boards from other companies. But, Meh!

  2. xxxpappxxxhu says:

    Few people are able to buy it because it is expensive.

  3. peaman says:

    Other boards have some advantages, but intel boards are all intel. better nic is one nice thing to always find 🙂

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