Internet Explorer 11 Now Available For Windows 7

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From today Microsoft is making its new Internet Explorer 11 browser available for download to Windows 7 users. IE11 was released alongside Windows 8.1 and was previously a Windows 8.1 exclusive, but now it has been made available to users of Microsoft’s most popular desktop operating system – Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 11 brings a bunch of notable improvements to Internet Explorer, of which Microsoft claims the speed aspect is the most notable – see Microsoft’s above graph for one aspect of its performance: JavaScript. Microsoft claims IE11 boasts faster page loading, faster JavaScript performance, reduced CPU usage and improved battery life over past revisions of the browser.

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Microsoft is also boasting support for 25 new or improved modern web standards to allow developers to offer Internet Explorer 11 users more interactive experiences. If you’re interested in reading about some of the changes to IE11 for Windows 7 then you can do so here.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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  • Mehdi

    Internet Explorer will still be the same , well in the graph i see that Explorer has slower javascript processing benchmark than Explorer 10. haha

    • Faster, Lower is better 😛

      • Dave

        lol benchmark logic XD

  • Curtis Corse

    I wouldn’t use Internet Destroyer even if I was paid to.