Internet Explorer 6 Remains Top Internet Browser – 11 Years After Launch

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Softpedia reports that Microsoft’s ancient Internet Explorer 6 browser is still the most popular browser in the market 11 years after its launch. The Net Applications statistics show that with 6.08% market share the Microsoft browser is the single most popular browser. In fact it is more popular than Chrome 29 (3.53 percent), Safari 6 (3.45 percent) and Opera 12 (1.25 percent).

The reason there is still such a high uptake of IE6 is that it is Windows XP’s default browser. As we discovered in a previous story many people are refusing to leave Windows XP behind because they have coded custom programs and software which rely on IE6. Of course Microsoft is trying to shift people away from IE6 because it is old and vulnerable and means web developers have to spend more time coding for its ancient architecture.

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The website keeps track of the demise of IE6. Microsoft is of course trying to encourage users to upgrade to the newest supported version of Internet Explorer which will vary by OS.

Image courtesy of Net Applications

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