Interworks Unlimited Announces The Xbox One Privacy Cover For Kinect 2

/ 4 years ago

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Interworks Unlimited have announced the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover accessory for the Kinect 2. The designer’s first peripheral in a line up for Xbox One, the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover features a sturdy design that installs around the embodiment of the Kinect 2 Camera providing a lens cover for quick access to motion gaming or privacy protection whenever you need it.

Basically, if you are paranoid or even remotely concerned about your privacy when having a HD camera constantly hooked up in your living room, then this slide cover could be a quicker and easier solution than unplugging the device, or changing the consoles security settings. It effectively acts like a lens cap.

Throughout the development of the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover, InterWorks Unlimited engineers worked closely with Microsoft specifications to ensure 100% compatibility with the Kinect 2. The result is a fine crafted accessory that does not hinder your Kinect 2 operation.

“The InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover puts the user in control, giving the gamer the power to change from motion control gaming to private use and back with the swipe of your finger. Definitely easier than unplugging the Kinect power cable everyday.” – InterWorks PR.

In addition to privacy protection, the InterWorks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover also provides protection for your Kinect 2, afterall it never hurts to cover a camera lens when not in use!

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The Interworks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover is available now at select national retailers and online outlets, with an MSRP of $19.99. Gamers who want to get the product early, well before the console launch, Order on Amazon here.

Thank you Interworks Unlimited for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

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    Or you could, I don’t know, Put a small towel over it? -_-

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    or just.. don’t buy the damn thing..

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    Or you know…unplug the camera??

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