Economists Find Investing in Lego Could Earn you More Than Gold!

Presuming you have more money than you really know what to do with (which I sadly don’t), it’s generally never bad advice to try and find something you can invest in. For most though, this generally tends to revolve around either stocks, precious metals, or in more recent years, perhaps even Cryptocurrencies. – Following a report via Gizmodo, however, Russian Economists have revealed a new option that I’m certainly practically none of you had ever considered before.

Yes, Lego Kits are, apparently, one of the best ROI’s (return on investment) you can currently get!

Lego Kits – A Great Investment Choice?

As part of their research, Economists from the Higher School of Economics in Russia found that, on average, Lego Kits generally tended to increase in value by around 11% year on year. The figures were obtained from over 2,200 sales that had been conducted between 1987 to 2015, and, overall, clearly demonstrate that, as bizarre as it might seem, they represent an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

As you might expect though, there are a number of key factors that make this work. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, the kits can not be opened. They must remain both in good condition and within their original sealed wrapper. – Additionally, another factor that plays a huge part is the overall lifespan and exclusivity of the kit. As you might expect, when kits are discontinued, and particularly so when created in limited numbers, this automatically places a premium on them through the collectables market.

On the whole though, while the Lego Titanic might cost you around £560 today, in 10 years time, if this data is proven accurate, then it could be worth significantly closer to £6,000! Again though, this is presuming that you can both keep it safe and avoid the temptation of actually opening it up to put it together!

Kits to Look Out For?

In addition to the above, the researchers found that generally speaking, smaller or larger kits tended to increase in value more than ‘mid-sized’ products. This does, of course though, take into consideration long-term storage, the cost/space associated with that, and more so, being savvy enough to identify a kit that won’t be made in huge quantities that will be significantly more desirable in the future when its no longer available to buy.

The bottom line though is that don’t think walking into a bank with a bag full of assorted Lego bricks is going to be enough to secure you a mortage. Although apparently a great investment opportunity, this is one (like most others I guess) best left to those who have a really good knowledge of the subject matter.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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