InWin BR36 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The InWin BR36 is available to purchase now for a price of €124.99. A price that I think is actually pretty fair not just for a 360mm AIO liquid cooler, but for one such as this which offers a lot of potential for high-end system performance. With such a competitive price tag, I can see many people eying this up with interest, particularly those who are interested in getting the best out of their CPU and RAM.


The InWin BR36, although not specifically touted as such, represents itself to me as a high-performing cooling solution. Something clearly evident in our testing. As also seen in our testing, however, such high levels of performance nearly always has to come with a trade-off and, in this instance, that’s definitely the acoustics.

I would love to have this cooler in my PC because I think it looks pretty damn cool and certainly something different from all of the other relatively generic 360mm AIO designs. The only thing stopping me, though is that I think it’s a bit too noisy. I am, however, not an overclocking enthusiast. Nevertheless, if I were and wanted to push my RAM and CPU as hard as I reasonably could, I would definitely have this cooler in my system because while it might be a little vocal, it definitely has something worth shouting about.

Should I Buy One?

I think this question ultimately boils down to what kind of PC user you are. If you value low noise levels and don’t push your components any harder than the manufacturers recommended setting, you’re probably better off not picking the InWin BR36. – If you do, however, love your overclocking or simply value an amazingly low CPU temperature, then this is undoubtedly one of the best solutions you can buy ready to go. Finally, in terms of performance, I think this cooler represents, at least for the moment, just how far you can take things without eventually having to dive into the complicated world of custom loop.

So, right for some, not right for others. But, if you are after a practically extreme level of cooling performance, this is definitely the product for you!


  • Amazingly strong aesthetics with the lights on or off
  • Clearly a very well designed product
  • Exceptionally strong levels of cooling performance
  • Plenty of potential on offer here for the overclocking enthusiast or those who value minimal CPU temperatures
  • Surprisingly easy to install
  • Very simple ARGB lighting hook-up system


  • No physical manual provided with the online literature ‘ok’ at best


  • Probably a bit too noisy for the average PC consumer
InWin BR36 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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Mike Sanders

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