iOS 5 Beta 2 is available…

/ 7 years ago

At least to those with a developer account it’s available though there are other ways of obtaining the latest Apple update through many sources that we can’t disclose.

The beta 2 of iOS 5 sees the new iDevice Wi-Fi syncing to be enabled which is a feature that’s been available on other devices such as Android for quite some time now. Finally it shows that Apple are catching up yet the beta 2 doesn’t show any other new features from what our sources tell us.

iOS 5 beta 2 also laughs in the face of the Dev team as they have fizzled the jailbreaking that occurred on iOS 5 beta 1 by updating to this sneaky beta 2. Well we can also confirm that MuscleNerd has jailbroken using iOS 5 beta 2, so we’d like to congratulate Apple on the effort but sorry, no cigar.

For users wanting to perform the task of updating to iOS 5 beta, you will surely be aware of the procedure and for those who are unaware, we advise you to wait until iOS 5 hits the proper official channels when released.

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