iOS 7.0.5 Released For iPhone 5s and 5c, Aimed At The Chinese Market

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Apple has rolled out a new iOS today, iOS 7.0.5 for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. It is considered to be a ‘rare’ update due to the fact that it is only aimed for two apple handsets and one particular region.

The latest iOS 7.0.5 is aimed to provide a fix for “network provisioning” issues on various Chinese models, Apple hasn’t specified exactly what those issues are. Users who already have iOS 7.0.4 installed on their iPhones can simply grab the update over the air, it reads to be just 35MB. And, the update is exclusive to Chinese customers.

It is quite interesting to see Apple fussing and packing a minor update set for a region instead of waiting to bundle it up in a universal update, such as the upcoming iOS 7.1 for example. It is possible that users in China were in fact experiencing major issues, which is why the update was rushed. But there is also a strange feeling that Apple wants to make a ‘good impression’ on the Chinese market, since it just opened up their doors to Apple.

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Regarding the iOS 7.1, it is still at its fourth beta, having expected to bring a few visual enhancements as well as a couple of new features. The iOS in the Car for example, a feature that we first saw back at WWDC 2013, is also believed to be activated in iOS 7.1. Apple has yet to announce (or at least silently point out) a release date for firmware update.

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  1. Mr B says:

    Maybe its an NSA Spying update

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