iPad 5 Details Leaked, Launch Date Delayed

/ 4 years ago


Through a cloud of internet rumors and speculation, one that was impossible to confirm any of them, Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst for KGI Securites has cleared the air (a little anyways). The most intriguing information out of his statements was that the iPad 5 will be out sometime this fall, as opposed to this month according to previous estimates.

Kuo continued by saying that Apple will continue with it’s trend of making it 25% lighter and 15% thinner than the previous model. This would mean that Apple is perhaps experimenting with fusing the digitizer, screen and gorilla glass into a single thinner unit.

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Further information dictates to a smaller bezel, a size between 7.5 and 8mm in thickness and a weight of around 500 grams. The size difference isn’t impressive, but perhaps they’ll make up for it with the power. The SoC is apparently the next generation Apple A7X, so expect to see an enormously powerful processor.

Apple’s annual WWDC is now confirmed for June 10th, so we might have more concrete data then.

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