iPad Air Sales Are Nearly 5 Times That Of The iPad 4

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It was recently announced that Apple was anticipating a very successful launch of their “new” tablet: The Apple iPad Air. Despite whether or not you think that Apple’s technology has really improved or differed from their previous iterations of their tablet line, records show that Apple’s new tablet has already become 5 times more successful than their previous tablet: the Apple iPad 4.

This data has been collected by a mobile-app analytics firm “Fiksu” which suggested that early adoption of the new tablet is already 5 times as faster as its predecessor at a similar time last year. Fiksu is able to track this data by cleverly watching how many iOS users are running Fiksu based apps, which has shown that Apple iPad Air usage of 0.75% is around about 5 times higher than iPad 4 usage of their apps (0.14%) just three days after the tablet was released to the public for general use. Fiksu have also said that this figure is nearly 4 times as high as their iPad Mini figure of 0.21%, also 3 days after launch.

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That being said; the iPad 4 was strangely released in 2 stages: the first stage involved commercially selling the tablets in the WiFi only edition and then releasing the cellular version a fortnight later, which may have resulted in a reduction of sales. This figure released from Fiksu may now be practically redundant.

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One Response to “iPad Air Sales Are Nearly 5 Times That Of The iPad 4”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    There are more mobile-app analytics firms than there are mobile-apps. Apple probably paid them to blog this. How can we disprove their claims? We can’t but we sure as hell don’t have to believe them.

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