‘iPad Pro’ to Come with a Stylus?

/ 3 years ago


After a pile of Apple patent applications for styluses and a new analyst report suggesting an ‘iPad Pro’ would come with a stylus, many are questioning whether Apple’s next iPad will indeed come with… you guessed it, a stylus.

Now why is this signifiant? Well, Apple and more specifically Steve Jobs have had quite a degree of hostility towards styluses.

“Who wants a stylus? You get em’, put em’ away, lose em’ – yuck. Nobody wants a stylus.” – Steve Jobs

You see a lot of people are making a big deal about Apple’s potential new opening to styluses because of this. Apple is known for its carefree attitude to contradicting itself – Steve Jobs was initially opposed to having an SDK for the iPhone when it was released, asking developers to build web apps. But of course, a year later, Jobs launched the App Store, something which has become a massive success.

However, this really isn’t a contradiction this time – the device the stylus would be used with is a large ‘pro’ tablet device; the stylus would effectively take the place of a wireless mouse, not like a fiddly little thing you can lose with a phone. So – is this really a big surprise?

Probably not.

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