iPad Slices Through Car Bumper, Still Works!

/ 5 years ago

Nissan VS iPad

A few days ago a woman was driving when she saw something flying at her. The woman never heard, or felt the impact of the $500 device slicing through her bumper. Continuing on with her day, later to discover an iPad has become one with her bumper.

“I kind of hit the brakes and stopped but I didn’t feel anything didn’t see anything so I went about my day.” the woman told reporters.

When she found the iPad she attempted to remove it WITH A HAMMER!!! Once she was able to remove the iPad she found it to still be in working order, as she was able to open an app to get the owners name and phone number. Once she was able to contact the owner of the iPad she was able to return it to its owner. The owner of the iPad said that he had left the device on top of his car.

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As we can see in the photograph above the iPad looks like it would not work at all, and according to what I have found she wasn’t traveling at highway speeds. It is really difficult to tell if the iPad actually flew a little bit, or if it had bounced, but no matter how or what happened my conclusion is that the iPad is very durable!

Who do you think won this battle? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Car Bumper: $300
  • iPad: $500
  • Still able to use the iPad that has sliced through your bumper: Priceless

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One Response to “iPad Slices Through Car Bumper, Still Works!”
  1. Who would have thought that Apple had copied from Nokia, of all companies? iPad’s must have some of the 3310 in them, though I doubt you’d be able to throw one through an air plane turbine, or use it as shark fishing bait, as you could with the old phones!

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