iPhone 5 introduces new connector and iOS 6

/ 5 years ago

The current Apple dock connector has been around for 9 years. But with the shrinking size of Apple products it has ushered in a new docking connector. With the majority of things now done wirelessly, Bluetooth for audio, WiFi for AirPlay or syncing to iTunes and iCloud, it makes sense to reduce the connector size.

The new connector is called Lightning, potentially creating confusion with Thunderbolt. It is an all digital connection that’s physically 80% smaller. Bose, JBL, B&W, B&O and others are already working on new docks and speakers for Lightning.

Apple is trying to keep customers happy by selling adapters so you can still use your old (probably expensive) Apple accessories with the new connector and new connector based products.

With the iPhone 5 comes iOS 6. We’re seeing the new Maps application, zooming in and out, rotating, etc. There’s an integrated search engine for local points of interest with over 100 million logged places. Apple are re-demonstrating the mapping and navigational functionality of the new iPhone 5 which has been made more fluid by the better A6 processor.

iCloud tabs has been introduced allowing you to share your tabs from your phone to your desktop and vice versa via the iCloud. The iPhone 5 mail has been improved allowing you to mark people as important and recieve their mail to separate folders.

The new Passbook feature allows you to buy airplane tickets, manage coupons, tickets and companies like Starbucks, Delta, American Airlines and more seem to be onboard.



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