iPhone 5 shown in video

/ 5 years ago

MIC Gadget posted a video demonstration yesterday showing the new iPhone 5 from Apple alongside the current latest iPhone 4S. The source claims that the new iPhone 5 was found “accidentally” at the Foxconn Jincheng factory in China.

It is also reported that in the Foxconn Jincheng factory each worker is being required to work through and clean up 3000 iPhone 5 back panels every day, a trend which has been active for the past few months.

The iPhone 5 packs a significantly larger display than the iPhone 4S based on what we can see in the video, this makes the iPhone 5 slightly taller than its predecessor. The video demonstration shows the new iPhone has a slightly faster boot up time than the iPhone 4S suggesting improved hardware and specifications – hopefully without too much detriment to battery life.

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in 6 days time, September the 12th, but there’s been no words at all from Apple about an official release or major press event to bring in their 6th instalment of the iPhone product line.




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  1. Rephael says:

    Still no iPod Touch 5th Gen? 🙁

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