iPhone 5 updated Siri, pricing and launch dates

/ 5 years ago

Finally the coverage about the new iPhone 5 is coming to close. Stemming on from the new features for iOS 6 you will also be able to subscribe to celebrity photo streams.

Last on the list of updated features is Siri. It has been tweaked to respond more directly to questions such as answering “What are the current NFL standings?” by bringing back a table of rankings and results for the NFL. Siri has also been programmed to know more about films, using data from Rotten Tomatoes (a film ranking website based on community interaction).

Siri can now launch apps by voice as well as being able to post Facebook status updates for you.

That pretty much rounds up the new iOS 6. The new iPhone 5 will be available in white which has a raw aluminium backing or in black with has an anodized backing.

What’s missing from the new iPhone 5? Well:

  • still no micro-USB
  • no wireless charging
  • No NFC

The pricing for the iPhone 5 is as follows:

The launch dates for the new iPhone 5 are as follows:


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