iPhone grabs 53.3% share in U.S. Smartphone market

/ 5 years ago

Apple is likely to be celebrating this milestone victory as it grabbed more than half of the American smartphone market from September through November at 53.3% market share, all thanks to the iPhone 5.

This is the first time that Apple was able to reach this milestone in the USA but the company is still expecting further gains during December.

Android Powered smartphones on the other hand dropped from 52.9% to 41.9% market share in the USA.

Samsung is is enjoying the bragging rights as the number 1 smartphone choice by consumers with a market share of 44.3% across 5 European Countries. Apple enjoys only a 25.3% market share in Europe, whereas HTC, Sony and Nokia are all in 3rd spot.

If one recalls, Nokia slipped to number 2 in annual phone shipments for this year – the first time in 18 years such an event has occurred. Nokia, however, is confident that U.K. prepaid deals with the Lumia 610 and 800 will improve their market share.

Via: CNET 


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  1. Wayne says:

    Yeah yeah. Won’t be there forever though.

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