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iPhones with 3rd Party Batteries Now Eligible for AASP Repair

Full Service via Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs)

Here is an interesting turn for Apple. According to iGeneration, iPhones with 3rd party batteries are now eligible for authorized repair. This has since been verified with internal documents discovered by MacRumors,

Previously, all Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) and Genius bar employees have instructions to deny service to these iPhones.

Now new instructions say that repairs can go ahead to any iPhone component even if the battery is non-Apple. If the battery itself is the issue, the instructions state that the repairer has to drain it to less than 60%. Only then can a genuine Apple battery installation happen, for a standard fee.

When Does This New Apple iPhone Repair Policy Kick In?

The new guidelines will begin today, March 7, and applies worldwide.

Despite relaxing the requirement on 3rd party batteries, Apple will still decline service for those with other 3rd party components. This includes logic boards, enclosures, microphones, Lightning connectors, headphone jacks, volume and sleep/wake buttons, TrueDepth sensor arrays, and other internal components. 

The last time Apple had a major change in iPhone fix policy was back in 2017. When iPhones with 3rd party screen repairs were made eligible for authorized repair. As long as the fix necessary was not the screen itself.

Ron Perillo

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