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Is SpecialTech Being Revived as PC Modders?

To the dismay of many enthusiasts, SpecialTech entered voluntary liquidation back in February. I bought many products from the online shop and they were always at an extremely competitive prices and ultra fast shipping. It seems that on October 6th, SpecialTech Facebook page had changed its name to PC Modders. This change also occurred on the old SpecialTech web store to the new URL, however, the store is closed for now. This change has seemly gone unnoticed until now as a notification popped up when I logged onto Facebook this evening.

It’s still unclear whether this is the previous owner rebranding and starting again with what looks like a hefty stockpile or could this be a new owner that has bought out the struggling company and all stock to bring us PC cooling goodness once again.

We have contacted the previous owner of SpecialTech to clarify our thoughts and the future of the newly branded PC Modders.

When SpecialTech announced the news, it promised to uphold all present orders up to that date to not disappoint any customers. Were all of your orders upheld? Are you excited for the rise of PC Modders? Let us know in the comments.

Rikki Wright

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