iSeries i45 Exhibition Booths – In Win

/ 6 years ago

Today we’re having a look at the In Win booth, they had a great display at iSeries i45, check out the pictures below then check out the video at the bottom of the page where Andy will give you a walk through of what they had on show.

They had four cases on display at the event, starting from left to right we have the In Win BUC 101, MANA 136, BR 665 and the Dragon Raider chassis.

They also had on display a whole range of power supplies, from 550, 650 and 750w range in white all the way up to their heavy duty range of 750, 850 and a massive 1200w, as well as a range of chassis fans and coolers.

They also had a system for sale, it had sold by the time we got around there with the video camera but you can see it below, while I couldn’t get the full spec for the system at the time due to them being busy, I do know it was their sturdy looking Iron Clad Chassis.

PCSpecialist was also there with In Win running two of their custom rigs with Nvidia 3D vision, a motion control racing wheel and Dirt 3 to keep gamers happy, plus some free sweets, everybody loves free sweets!



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