Ivy Bridge delayed once more

/ 6 years ago

Disappointingly for some, the next generation of processors has been delayed with Intel reportedly putting off the mass-shipments of its third-generation Core processors, known under the codename Ivy Bridge, to June.

You should note, however, that only the mass-shipment has been delayed, Intel is still going through with the April launch, although it will ship only a small amount of the new chips.

This new delay we are facing doesn’t come from Intel’s ability to ship the new chips, but comes from the fact the most notebooks vendors are having difficulty digesting the inventories of the current generation of processors, in other words Sandy Bridge.

This new delay is therefore a hand that is being given to vendors in order for them to ship the last of their notebooks running on the current generation of chips.

It doesn’t stop there, the delay is not only to help vendors, but it will also help in minimizing the impact of the arrival of a new chip.

Source: TPU; LegitReviews (image)

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