Ivy Bridge goes on sale across the UK

/ 6 years ago

The Ivy Bridge NDA expired back on April the 23rd and it also appears the retail embargo was lifted at some stage this weekend too. Retailers across the UK have now started listed Ivy Bridge processors and the prices seem fair given the extra clock per clock performance you can get over Sandy Bridge with slight power savings. Currently there is availability of selected Core i5 and Core i7 models, for lower performance and cheaper Core i3, Pentium and Celeron Ivy Bridge CPUs you will have to wait longer, in the region of another month. A full list of prices is supplied below, pricing is courtesy of www.scan.co.uk:

Core i5 

3450S OEM – £140.58

3450 OEM – £141.78

3450 – £143.94

3450S – £147.78

3550 OEM – £158.58

3550S – £160.98

3550 – £161.98

3570K OEM – £170.58

3570K – £173.94 (2500K Retail costs £161.94)

Core i7

3770S OEM – £223.40

3770T OEM -£223.40

3770 OEM – £225.80

3770 – £230.34

3770S – £231.80

3770K OEM – £248.60 (2600K retail costs £227 and 2700K retail costs £239)

3770K- £250.74

**OEM means that a CPU is supplied only, the standard retail versions are boxed with provided stock Intel heat sinks and have a longer warranty period.


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